Sunday, October 28, 2007

Banna-Boo's Second Birthday

Breanna (nick-named "Banna-Boo" by Peter) celebrated her second birthday a few days ago. Since she just loves Winne the Pooh, I made her a special "Pooh Cake". I'm not a cake decorator by any means (not like my friend Ellen, at least!), but I was very happy that at least the bear on the cake was recognizable as Pooh!

From Gammy and Bumpy, and Auntie Angie and Uncle Mike were several baby doll gifts. This little dolly says several different phrases, and came fully equipped with high chair, pack 'n' play, carrier, car seat, stroller, and swing. WOW! I think Banna-Boo's dolly will have more accouterments than my baby will, lol! My Auntie Sue and Uncle Paul also gift Banna with a similar sized dolly, so the dolly's "play together" quite nicely.

Since we're working on potty training Banna, we got her a special "Pooh Potty" as an incentive. It seems to be working. The most difficult part is keeping Peter off of it!

From Oma and Opa came a wonderful assortment of play food to go with the kids' play kitchen. Peter and Banna-boo spend a lot of time "cooking", so this gift will certainly increase their fun!

Of course, with all this Pooh paraphernalia, we had to get her Winnie the Pooh himself, of course!

I think Banna Boo enjoyed her Pooh Cake, but of course, she didn't want to cooperate for pictures. Oh well, this picture does more fully capture her unique personality!