Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Back!

Well, if you were hoping for knitting pictures, I'm sorry, but I haven't gotten a whole lot of knitting done lately. If you were hoping for pictures of my recent trip, again, you'll have to be disappointed, because I'm going to blog them later.

I do have pictures of . . . . .. . . . the local wildlife.

The weather was so beautiful today, so I took the kids for a three-mile walk on a nice bike trail in our town. Peter rode his bike the whole way, while Ms. Banna Boo rode like Cleopatra in the jogger stroller. We saw a lot of interesting animals and insects, which really excited Peter. It got to the point that if I stopped walking (or even slowed down) for even a second, Peter would scramble off his bike and shout, "What did you see, Mommy, what did you see?".

Woolly Bear Caterpillars

Some sort of garter snake (about 7 inches long and about a pencil's width). We saw four of them!

Yes, perhaps it's morbid to take a photograph of a dead bird, but I've never seen a bird like this in my area. Any ideas what it is? I'm very curious to know, and I don't have a bird book to look it up.

Question Mark butterfly. (Yes, that's really it's name). There were quite a few fluttering over the trail.

I must confess, it took me awhile to look up the creatures I took photos of. Hmmm, perhaps I should start nagging for Andy to get me a book about local flora and fauna . . . it'd make a good Christmas present, and Andy likes getting me books . . . . (yarn is a bit beyond his normally excellent capabilities).