Monday, October 1, 2007

Scarves and Sighs

I haven't been able to do as much knitting as I used to, largely due to my continued lack of energy. *Sigh*. Somehow, I can't get excited about it, but I'm not letting my lethargy deter me! I'm still trying to plug away a few rows of knitting every evening!

Perhaps one reason for my lack of knitting enthusiasm is that I am not really knitting anything right now that inspires me. I was working on the Bee Fields Shawl, which I love, but I realized that I made a serious mistake 25 rows back. ACK! That's almost 4 1/2 hours of work that I'm going to have to frog! I haven't frogged yet, because I just haven't been able to bring myself to face the horror of it all. *Sigh*

(Hmmm, that's a sigh per paragraph. I'm going to have to cheer myself up better. Hold on, on going to get a rum and coke . . . . . Okay, I'm back!).

Awhile ago I offered to be a test-knitter for the Plucky Knitter, and she sent me some lace-weight yarn and a pattern to knit for her. While I have to say her yarn is simply gorgeous and deliciously soft, and lots of fun to play with, I'm in a grumpy mood because I hate knitting lace-weight. *Sigh*. Must stop complaining. It just seems to take FOR-EV-UH to get any length on it! Oh well, I gave my word to knit this scarf, and I'm going to knit it if it kills me! Thankfully, the pattern is really easy, so I don't have to pay too much attention to it. (Oh, that's my cat Rhapsody modeling the scarf. I don't think she's impressed with my scarf efforts.)

I got my yarn and beads for my ISE5 pal, and I'm all set to get going on her scarf, once I've finished the Lace Flame Scarf for Plucky Knitter. I couldn't get an accurate picture of the yarn (Plymouth Royal Bamboo), which is a beautiful teal color. My pal likes teal, so I hope this works for her!

The beads I got on sale at Joann's, and I'm pretty sure they'll string onto the yarn. They're about a seed bead size, so nice and small. I figured if I dotted them here and there, they'd add a nice touch of bling-bling, something every gal needs!

Finally, I had fun looking through some magazines my MiL got me from a library sale. The magazines are called Knitter's, and I personally think they're the best knitting magazines I've ever read. The patterns tend to be more of the classic styles that I prefer to knit (trendy stuff is fun, but who wants to work on something that's going to be out of fashion in a year?). I'm really happy that I got my hands on these, because I've never seen them for sale anywhere before. I'd highly recommend them!