Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

When my sister was here, we did some early trick-or-treating at a nearby church that had a "trunk-or-treat". I think the "trunk-or-treat" is a fantastic idea, since it's really kid-friendly. Because it's at a church, I don't have to worry about the kids being freaked out by ghouls or bloody banshees, plus there's the added advantage of not having to walk fourteen miles to fulfill the kids (well, really, my husband's) candy urge.

Still, having said that, we're planning to go trick-or-treating again tonight at a nearby neighborhood (our neighborhood doesn't have any kids).

Courtesy of their Gammy, the kids got really cute costumes this year. Peter wanted to be a dragon. He's got the snarling and claws part down pat. The only bad thing about his "character", is that I cannot seem to convince him that dragons "really do walk on their hind legs, instead of crawling around on the dirt".

The back is just as cute as the front.

Isn't he ferocious looking! Beware, you candy people!

Breanna dressed up as a Monarch butterfly. I thought that particularly appropriate, since she often acts like she's royalty. (Yes, I realize the picture's sideways. Even her PICTURE refuses to cooperate!)

When we first started getting candy, Banna seemed in shock. "What, these people are just giving candy away? Are they insane?"

She quickly got the hang of it, though.

Happy Halloween!