Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yesterday and Today

I really am blessed with the most wonderful friends and students.

Since we only have one vehicle, which Andy takes to work, I'm usually stuck (i.e. trapped behind bars and screaming to get out) at home with the two kids. For myself, since I'm so tired all the time, being home all day is no burden, but for the kids, they get bored (i.e. naughty and looking for trouble) very quickly. And again, since I have no energy, keeping them occupied is getting harder and harder. That's where my wonderful support network comes in.

Yesterday my good friend Kim from MOPS came for a morning visit. We had such a fun time chatting (she's a hunter, and I had such fun hearing her stories!). Her little boy Carter played so nicely with Peter, too. Peter and Carter share a love of trains, so they were occupied with that most of the morning, and then came downstairs to "make something to eat".

Kim had to leave before noon to pick up her other son from the bus station, but she was kind enough to drop us off at McDonald's for the MOPS mom's weekly playdate.

What a wonderful experience, to sit back and relax while the kids wore themselves out! Usually it's the other way around!

When it was time to go, blogless Lynn kindly drove us home so that I could teach lessons. Again, I was blessed with kind friends. My students have been so nice about playing with the kids if it's not time for their lesson. Peter's starting to look forward to my teaching time as much as his TV time! (He hasn't been taking naps lately, due to the lack of exertion in his life).

So, that was yesterday. Today my BiL and SiL came up for Great Grandma Broege's funeral (which is tomorrow), and they picked us up and took us to the park for a few hours. The weather was beautiful, and Peter wore himself out running after his two cousins Tyler and Benjamin (both about his age).

It's a good thing that Jason and Natalie came by when they did, because the morning was shaping up to be not so good. I've had a raging migraine since last night, and functioning above a sub-conscious level was just not going to happen. (I can only take Tylenol for the pain, which doesn't help much).

For example, just as I finished cleaning the dining room, I heard a crash, and Banna said, "Uh-oh, I make mess". She had spilled cat food all over the floor. *Sigh*. Hopefully the cat will just eat if off the floor, so I won't have to do anything about it. That's about my level of antipathy towards anything less than a household fire.