Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Peter-boy!

Today is Peter-boy's 4th birthday. He was actually born the day after Thanksgiving, but since the day of Thanksgiving moves around a lot, his birthday came a week after Thanksgiving this year. Let me just say that I tried, I really tried, to give birth to him on Thanksgiving. The little "sweetie" (grrrrrr) was determined to stay inside Mommy for as long as possible.

How things change! Now it's difficult to get him to hold still long enough for a satisfying hug! (Oh, if you're wondering what that spikey thing is in the forefront of the picture, that's Banna-boo's hair. She was having a Massive Bad Hair Day.)

Andy and I got Peter a castle-set by Imaginext. Since Peter already has a wooden train and lots of cars, we wanted to get him something a little different. So far our idea has been a smashing success! I have to confess, this castle, with all the funny trap-doors and hidey-holes, is a lot of fun for adults, too.

Auntie Angie and Uncle Mike were nice enough to get Peter the dragon (hee hee, "Pete's Dragon"!), since every castle MUST have a dragon (princesses are purely optional, and usually unnecessary.)

Due to all the "dragon" stuff going on, Peter decided he wanted a dragon birthday cake. *Sigh*. He had to pick something difficult! Also, he specifically wanted a water dragon. I guess the Lochness Monster will have to suffice!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who got our little 4-year old a birthday present! He loves each and every present!