Saturday, December 1, 2007

Piano Tunings and Tweakings

A few weeks ago I had my piano tuned again for its regularly scheduled check-up, and my lovely darlin' got a weight change. Hee hee, just in time for the holidays!

My piano, which my dear Handyman and my sweet bro. Joshy refinished for me, is a 1926 Chickering Grand. If there were ever a fire in my house, I think the piano would be the first thing I'd grab (after the kids, of course.) Never mind the fact that I couldn't actually get the piano out of the house, I figure that if I chain myself to it, the firemen would have to rescue my piano just to save me, too.

Anyway, where was I . . . . oh yes, the weights. I have the BEST piano tuner, and he put some weights on my keys, so now the keys have the most lovely dig to them. Ahhhhhhh, it's rather like the satisfaction one gets from kneading bread, except it's a luxurious ivory-induced ohm of happiness. Shall we all repeat together?