Saturday, December 22, 2007

She's Home for Christmas!

I am so thankful to say that my Mum is home at last, and is doing very well, considering what she just went through.

After much drama with the medical staff at her hospital (including a rather tense scene between her Dr. G and myself, and let me just say that I'm glad I wasn't knitting at the time, or I think I would have stabbed him with my sock needles), she finally got a competent doctor to see her case. He immediately recommended an angiogram, something that all of us were pushing for, since no diagnosis were forthcoming from the tests that had been given thus far. The angiogram revealed the best possible scenario - no bleeding! The two doctors (NOT Dr. G) who now have her case feel that she either has a viral inflammation due to an auto-immune disease (vasculitis), or has veinal spasms (I think that's the correct term, but who knows?). Either case is treatable with the correct medication and usually has a good outcome.

So, after all the drama, Mum is finally home. My family is all here now, and it looks like we're all set to have a smashing good Christmas (made even better by the absence of snow). Thanks for the well-wishes and kind comments.

Melekalikimaka to you all!