Tuesday, January 1, 2008

International Scarf Exchange

Well, this is WAAAAAAAY past due, but I'd love to show ya'll (I've been in the Sunny South. The sweet tea has a "drawling" effect on me) my lovely scarf knit by my sweet pal Melissa.

Isn't it gorgeous? It's a Merino/Cotton blend, and oh-so-soft next to the skin. What's rather funny, is that I noticed this scarf on the ISE5 blog, and I often thought to myself, "If I ever knit myself a scarf, it'd look just like that!".

What perfect timing, too, because right now we're being buried under a mountain of snow. Scarf weather for sure! After all, the only reason God created snow is so that knitters would have a season to show off their creative gifts.

Thanks, Melissa, for such a thoughtful and sweet gift!