Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Backing Up

One of the interesting things I've noticed about blogging, or at least my sort of blogging, is that I tend to write about the little important things that occur every day. Big, major events (i.e. outings where my hair is fixed and I am -gasp- wearing makeup) don't always get the limelight. However, I've got so many great pictures from my Christmas trip to the Sunny South that I'm going to try to put most of them up. (Besides, looking at warm pictures helps me forget that it's -7 degrees today. Can I scream now?)

While I was in the Sunny South, I had the opportunity to spend the night with my sisters in Atlanta sans children. Can you believe it? Me in the big city, completely child-free! Woo-hoo! Let's "pah-tay!"

My sister Lynn wanted to eat at this hoity-toity restaurant called the Oceanaire, where the entrees cost the same as my winter wardrobe. I'm not kidding. They really were up there, and everything was a la carte, so I was looking at hocking my winter and summer wardrobe.

Lynn and my other sister, Angie, however, saved me from stinginess by insisting on paying for my meal as my Christmas present. "Order the lot, then!", say I!

I ordered the salmon, and it was so incredibly delicious my mouth is watering as I think of it. Yum-yum! It felt so odd to be sitting there, and not to have to cut anyone's food up into tiny bites. You should be so proud of me, too - I DIDN'T BRING MY KNITTING.

Since my sister Angie and I are preggos (she's due May 14th and I'm due the 15th - weird, huh?), we had to limit our beverages to tame cranberry juice and tea. We won't discuss who's drink is in the background, hee hee!

Lynn knew the sous chef a little bit, so we were really impressed when our waiter announced that the dessert was specially picked for us by Lynn's friend (can't remember his name right now, sorry, Lynn!). Imagine how thrilled we were when, after our meal was over, our waiter then informed us that our meals were on the house (or on the sous chef, at least!). WOW! We're talking a $250 bill, at least!

Now, you're probably wondering, how in the world does one manage to get a fabulous meal like that for free? Well, the answer is to have a hot sister . . . .

Although, on second thoughts, I'm glad that I was unable to party too hard, as the following morning can be a little less glamorous . . . Of course, I didn't look any better, even though I did manage to get to bed at 11:00!

What a great night! Good food, fun laughs with sisters, and best of all, Lynn and Angie didn't have to pay for my meal, so they still had to get me a Christmas present, bwah-ha-ha! (No really, I'm not that mercenary. It's just fun to pretend).