Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Of Morels and Men

I am just thrilled to have inspired knitting envy in my husband. No, thankfully he doesn't want to learn to knit himself (I don't want to share my stash), but he was envious of the Koolhaas hat that I knit for my brother for Christmas.

Of course, I had to knit him something, too, to keep that noggin' nice and warm during these frigid months. I used Vanna's Choice Lion Brand yarn, and I found it very soft and easy to use. Other than Caron Simply Soft, I think it's my new favorite acrylic (don't gasp with horror, you snobby knitters out there. Yes, I DO like acrylic. With two toddlers and a smelly male in the house, washable items are a MUST). I normally would have just used the Simply Soft, but it does have a bit of a sheen to it, and I have to be very conscious of the male ego. Sheen or shine of any sort is too much for said fragile ego to bear.

So, the morel bit? I found it the highest compliment when Handyman gushed, "This hat looks like the cap of a morel!" (Okay, not really gushed. He said, "really nice". It was gushing for a Northerner, all right?)

Since he eat, sleeps, and breathes morel hunting during the short spring week when morels are ripe, I am very pleased with the results of my knitted gift.

From anyone else (i.e. normal person), the same compliment would translate into kissing my feet and declaring undying love.