Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Those Nasty Knitting Fates

I started knitting the Anouk pattern last night for my sister's baby, which is due sometime in May. It's interesting that my sister and I are due only one day apart, and I often tease her that we're having "long distance twins", since we seem to have the same cravings and weird pregnancy happenings.

I have to say that this pattern is giving me some trouble. First, it employs colors, which is always a difficult and painful thing for me. I am not color-blind, but for some reason putting two different color choices together puts me in a state of panic not unlike a small animal staring at impending doom in the form of headlights and a speeding car. Painful, to say the least.

(This is why some of my nice blog friends have commented so sweetly on my cabling abilities. I think they understand my color difficulties. The whole reason why I love cables, is that they look complicated but only have one color. Yeeeessssss . . . . bliss . . . .)

So, anyway, back to Anouk. I fixed on a color combination of green and blue, and then I'm going to crochet/knit a nice multi-colored flower to add some more "girlyness" to the dress. Also, because my sister and I love bling, I put some beads in the mix, just to up the complicatedness level. The beads, which are a pale pink, are so cute! I truly think this was a touch of genius for me (which means most other knitters are saying, "well, duh, of course beads!").

I should have known, however, that the knitting fates would not take kindly to my level of happiness with any sort of knitting that involves more than one color.

They struck. They struck hard.

Did you know that knitting fates have no consciences?

See how much I've gotten knitted since last night? I measured at least 9 inches of wonderfully knitted fabric that will have to be frogged back to the first 3 inches. Although I did peruse the pattern, I missed an important detail. This was because the knitting fates had their wicked little hands over my eyes while I was supposed to read, "at the same time, decrease . . ."

Why am I blaming the knitting fates? It's because I can only blame so many "doh!" moments on being pregnant. Well, that, and I can't bear to admit that it's just my usual aversion to following directions of any kind. (Please, no "amens" from family members.)