Friday, January 25, 2008

Anouk Progress

I've been working steadily away on the little Anouk dress for my coming niece, and it's coming along nicely at last!

Yesterday I finished the back, and this morning I sewed the edges together and finished the collar. I still have the fun details to add, like a little appliqued flower and the side tabs and buttons.

I can't wait to get to the flower. I think I'll crochet it, because that seems easier to me, and of course add some beads to the center. We'll see, though. Sometimes my ideas don't always look right once they're completed!

I think if I ever make another one I'd make a few changes to the pattern. I noticed on Ravelry that someone had lengthened the shoulder straps and added additional buttons and button holes so that the dress can be lengthened as baby grows. I might do it in the round, too, because the sides of the dress are rolling in a bit. Since I used acrylic yarn (gasp! yes, I did!) I don't think blocking is an option. Any ideas from you more experienced knitters out there?