Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

You know they say, "It's a woman's perrogative to change her mind", and I'd second that this maxim is even more true for pregnant women. Get two pregnant women together, and there's no hope. All I can say is that it's a good thing the baby's sex is out of our hands, or we'd be flip-flopping a million times, until what eventually comes out would be a lizard.

My sis Angie and I have been passing emails back and forth (it's largely our fault that the the internet is clogged today, ha ha!), and we've sort of (sort of, mind you) narrowed the field down to something entirely different.

Angie doesn't want anything too "girly" so that made me think of the Anouk pattern from Knitty. (Also, my dear friend Danielle is working on it, and we have this weird connection of having the exact same preferences. Hey, what can you say, it's fate!)

Now, you'd think that the dilemma would be solved, right? No. Of course, I have to make it more complicated, because that's what I do - complicate things beyond all reason. (There is a popular magazine out there called "Real Simple" - they need to make a magazine for nut jobs like me entitled, "Overly complicated".) Having snooped the wonderful resource of Ravelry, I came across so many different options that I have to post some of them for your consideration.

Apologies to all you wonderful people who took the time to give your opinion on my last post. The whole paragraph about opinions was pure baloney, I guess!