Sunday, January 13, 2008

Choices, Choices . . .

As you might already know from previous blog posts, my sister Angie is also expecting a baby, and it's a girl. As every knitter knows, the advent of a baby demands that one's knitterly skills get pulled out of the closet for an onslaught of knitting prowess. After all, what better way to demonstrate love and care (i.e show-off one's knitting skills in a blatant and flagrant display) than to create something handmade for said wee one? (Plus there's the added bonus that babies are tiny, thus supposedly reducing the amount of time spent on aforementioned knitted object.)

My sister requested a set of washcloths and a towel set, but as I am stubborn and unreasonable, I refused. (Plus, it's rather galling to say, "yes, I knit my niece washcloths for her birth present." Much better to nonchalantly say, "Oh, I just whipped out a hand-made bedroom set complete with stuffed toys that change diapers on command").

So, here's the two things I've been thinking of making. (Sorry, Angie, you're only getting one, so you've gotta choose!)

First up is a pattern by Lynne Murchland that I attempted to make before for my own daughter. As this was an unmitigated disaster, I've never quite been able to get past the horror of it all. However, my annoying stubborn gene (thanks, Mom, because I'm sure it's all from the Dutch ancestry in me) refuses to be bested by a pattern, and a knit pattern no less. I think of this dress as my Waterloo.

Second up for consideration is a crocheted dress that was much more manageable, but still difficult (which translates into "interesting" and "fun"). I also made this for my daughter, and it comes with a hat and booties (which I unfortunately lost. Or I think I lost them. They could be behind the dresser, but that's neither here nor there . . . onward . . )

So, some help, please? Let me know which pattern you like best, and some color suggestions, too. (Of course, Angie, your preference weighs the most, unless you pick something awful like baby-food yellow. Then I refuse. Sorry.) Thanks for your help!

(Isn't this great? I'm actually asking your opinion! When's the last time someone asked you for your opinion? Oh yes, I realize that you're being bombarded to vote right now, but this is different. This is opinion!)

Oh, don't get carried away. I'm just asking for your opinion on these two dresses. If you have an opinion on anything else, I don't want to hear about it.