Sunday, January 13, 2008

Self Introspection

Both of my kiddies are sick with the flu, and life has been a bit unpleasant around here. Thankfully, neither I nor Handyman have gotten sick yet, although I'm not holding out hope. My personal theory is that hope has a wicked sense of humor that involves tripping you just when you're in front of a mud puddle, but anyway . . .

One good thing about all of this is that Banna-Boo seems to have a little better idea of what to do with herself when she is sick. Last time she had the flu, she was very generous with her display of sickness - one could say indiscriminate, too. Anywhere, everywhere, and on anyone. Thankfully, this time, due to Peter's good example, she at least has some idea what the bucket is for. After all, since she's seen Peter do it at least twenty times within the last two days, the "bucket operation" would sink in a teensy bit.

Still, one good thing about all of this bother is that neither of the kids are bugging me to play with them. They're both too lethargic. No "vroom-vroom" cars or dinosaur rides around the living room. That leaves me with lots of time to knit.

And that leaves me with a great moral dilemma about myself -

I'd rather clean up puke than play cars.

I need some serious psychological help.