Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothin' to Knit

Yesterday a catastrophe of catastrophic proportions happened - I ran out of things to knit.

You have to understand that, for me, being without a WiP (work in progress) is like having to function without tea, or (heaven forbid) being told that I am fatally allergic to dark chocolate. A truly terrible fate. Terrible.

(Alright, I can hear my two UFO's in the upstairs closet screaming shrilly that they too would like to see the light of day, but as I am disgusted with them right now, I am ignoring their cries for freedom. They don't count as valid projects, as they have been disowned.)

Now, I really am trying to cut back on my knitting obsession. It's just that if I find myself sitting for longer than 2 minutes, my hands start shaking, my armpits get clammy, and my mouth gets dry - otherwise known as time for a knitting fix. Therefore, I declare that any knitting done while occupied with other things (like watching TV or sitting in the car) does not count as "too much knitting".

Here's what I've picked up to counter my knitting withdrawal (hey, I was off the wagon for a whole day! Okay, so an afternoon - close enough. Hmph.)

Isn't it lovely? It's the Hemlock Ring Blanket as first debuted by Brooklyn Tweed. I wanted to start it last year, but all the Christmas knitting got in the way. This year, I figure I'll just knit everyone Hemlock Ring Blankets for their Christmas presents. (Surprise, family!) I'm using Lion Brand's 100% cotton, so it feels nice and soft and looks rustic. Cotton isn't stretchy, though, so I have to remind myself to knit looser so I don't re-injure my wrist. So far it's been a relatively easy knit.

(Uh oh, it just occurs to me that I've been worrying about my "knitting fix", and here I go knitting something entitled "Hemlock". Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear . . . .)

Handyman snapped this picture of me last night. He was suitably impressed with my ability to multi-task, as I'm talking on the phone, in the middle of making dinner, knitting my Hemlock Blanket, and dragging around my "ball" and "chain".

Of course, Handyman's ability to multitask ends at eating pizza while watching football. Hee hee!