Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dinosaurs Among Us

Peter just loves dinosaurs, especially ferocious, meat-eating types. I have a personal suspicion that this is because his own culinary tastes tend toward that direction. The child could live off of meat and cereal. He eats hamburgers with no buns. Yuck. I can't understand this, as I am a carb lover down to my innermost being.

Anyway, Peter was very sad when I had to get rid of his beloved dinosaur nightie, as he'd grown out of it by at least four inches. To lesson his misery, I promised to get him another nightie with dinosaurs.

Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't seem to find any for sale at any local stores. Of course, now that I went through all the work of sewing him a dinosaur nightie, I'll probably find one for a really good price, but that's just fate.

Here are the many faces of Peter.

Peter trying to hold still and look ferocious.

Peter trying to look ferocious. . . or perhaps he's smiling. I can't tell which.

Peter imitating a "Sharp-tooth" dinosaur.

Peter looking like his daddy.

Not the best sewing job I've ever done, but hopefully it'll hold up to a little boy's wear-and-tear. At least he seems to love it! I had the hardest time convincing him that nighties were not regular dress attire for church Awanas classes.

*Sigh* wouldn't it be lovely, though, if we could all do our daily routines in dinosaur nighties?