Monday, February 18, 2008

Life in the Frigid North

I haven't complained about the weather here in the Frigid North for awhile, so I figured that today I'd rectify that mistake.

I'm complaining now.

Yesterday we had some more strange weather conditions, which is saying a lot as just about everything weather-related up here from October to May is strange. Although the temperatures were below freezing, we got quite a lot of rain. Since the ground is basically rock hard, that wonderful deluge of water had nowhere to go, and so, like pimply teenagers at an arcade, just sat around being obnoxious.

Today there is a 3-inch thick sheet of ice surrounding every walk to my house. Hmmm, I suppose this will show me how dedicated my students are - will they brave the treacherous climb to my front door? (And yes, although I try to be a mean and vindictive teacher, I did put a generous amount of salt on the walk. Salt doesn't do much, however, when there's the aforementioned 3 inches of ice.) Perhaps I'll throw my students a rope and haul them up the hill . . .

The back door isn't any better. The snow is piled about 15 inches high on either side of the sidewalk, so the water made this wonderful, slippery slide. Perhaps I'll start calling it a "slidewalk". (Please excuse the terrible pun). This picture was taken through the window, that's why it's so grainy. I wasn't about to walk outside to get a better photo. I love my blog, but not that much.

Right now I'm nice and cozy in my warm, comfortable house, complete with a hot cup of tea, but tonight I have to brave the frigid temps for an appointment with my chiropractor for a back adjustment. Wouldn't it be ironic if I hurt my back on the way to the chiropractor?

That would be soooooo like me.