Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is my and Handyman's birthdays. Yes, we have our birthday on the same day, isn't that funny? It is a little inconvenient though, especially for selfish people like me. After all, if it's your birthday, you want to be spoiled, but then, if it's the birthday of someone you love, you want to spoil them, too. So, birthdays are usually conflicted days for me, as my sense of selfishness and generosity war.

We won't say which side wins. We'll call it a draw, shall we?

However, I do have one advantage that Handyman doesn't. I have great students that are conspiring to insure that I give birth to a thirty pound baby. They've been showering me this week with dark chocolate and cookies. Life is so hard for me. Here's some of the line up from one of my wonderful students. (When Handyman saw me unwrap all this, he said, "Sheesh, that's more than you're getting from me!" To which I laughed, as he was joking. He'd better be joking.)
I think the most ironic thing is that today we are getting hit with a 3-6 inch snowstorm. We've had a week of beautiful 50 degree days, and today, on my birthday, it snows.

The irony is not lost on me.