Thursday, March 20, 2008

Starter-itis and Stash-bustin'

Those of you knitters and crafters who read this blog probably need no explanation, but for those of you who are (sadly) immune to this wonderful disease, "Starter-itis" is the insatiable urge to begin at least twenty new projects, regardless of sense or reason.

I think the spring fever bug has hit me hard with this strain of starter-itis, because I've been craving something (well, several somethings) to knit. (Why can't I have the cleaning bug? WHY?!)

Thankfully, my ploy of shaming my family into giving me measurements seems to have worked, because they're starting to trickle in. I don't have all of them yet, but at least there's enough information that I feel safe getting started on some new stuff. Want to see what I've cast on?

This is actually a pattern I downloaded (yes, *gasp* I actually paid money for a pattern!) from Knit and Tonic called "Something Red", which I'm doing in blue here, and I like the look of it so much, I'm planning to knit several versions this year. We shall see how far I progress . . .

Here's the yarn I chose. It's something from my stash (hooray, stash busting!), and not exactly what I had in mind when I downloaded the pattern, although I'm starting to like it more and more as I see it knit up.

It's some JoAnn's Sensations Ribbon yarn that has a bit of a glittery/chenille look once knitted, and I think it's rather cool. It's nice and soft, too, but a bit hard to work with, since there's no "give" to the ribbon. Although I love working on this project, I can see I'll have to pace myself or I'm going to hurt my wrists again.

This is another version of the same "Something Red" cardigan (which I am cleverly entitling, "Something White". I know, it's inspired, but what can I say?) that I've cast on with some 100% cotton recycled yarn (also from my stash). I haven't gotten much done, but I've gotten it started and done a gauge swatch already, so I feel safe continuing whenever I get the urge to switch from the "Something Blue" version. The cotton is wonderfully soft and non-splitty (something hard to find with recycled cotton sweaters), but it too has no "give", so again, I'll have to pace myself.

Next up on the queue is this little beauty called "Too-Cute Cowl Neck" from Hip Knits. I have some Plymouth Encore yarn that I bought awhile ago when my LYS was closing, and I thought it would look very nice with this pattern. Thankfully, it's nice and easy to work with, so this will be my go-to project when the other sweaters are starting to cramp my wrists.

Finally on the needles is a Booga Bag that I'm knitting with some Patons SWS (also from my stash). I'm increasing the bag size a little bit, since I have four skeins (instead of the prescribed three). I just love the bright cheery colors and the sheen of this yarn, which is one of my favorites to work with. I've never tried felting anything before (at least on purpose), so this should be fun. My friend Nikki decided to start knitting one of these little beautys, and I couldn't resist making one, too. (Oh, click on over to her blog and leave a little comment - she just opened it!)

Well, that's it for my list (at least for now). I think the only reason why I've stopped is that I don't have any more spare needles.