Thursday, March 13, 2008


Handyman and the two babies (okay, so now they're both toddlers, but they'll always be my babies) went to see "Walking With Dinosaurs: the Live Experience" this evening, so I'm all by myself.

That's a dangerous position for me to be in, as I am being tempted horribly to start at least three more new knitting projects.

My friend Nikki came over this evening to search for patterns, and she's going to start a Booga Bag, which makes me want to start a Booga bag. What makes the temptation even worse is that I have 6 lovely skeins of Patons SWS calling to me from the attic stash (the exact color of the bag in the picture).

So here's my dilemma for all you "Dear Abby's" out there: Does the sin of starting another project (when I've got a deadline for Handyman's birthday socks) become negated if it means that I'm cutting back on my stash? Or, is it not a sin if (although I do start another project) I manage to get Handyman's socks done by his birthday, therefore it being a "possible" sin not yet committed?

Perhaps I'm thinking too much. I'm going to cast on for the Booga Bag. Why wrestle with temptation when it's much more fun to knit the temptation?