Monday, April 14, 2008


I finished knitting and felting the Booga-Bag I was working on a few days ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Here's a picture of it pre-felted, with a black pen on it for size comparison. Needless to say, this bag looked HUGE! I got a lot of funny comments about what a large hat it was!

I had read on Ravelry that the yarn I used tended to felt quickly, but I got caught up in doing other things while the bag was in the washing machine, so I didn't check it half way through the cycle as I was supposed to. Oops! Wow, did it ever shrink!

I don't actually mind the finished size, though. I'm not one for big clunky bags anyway, so my forgetfulness didn't cost me this time, thankfully! I found the perfect blocking boxes - two cereal boxes! They were exactly the right size.

I have some nice tan fabric that I'm planning to use to line it, and I still need to find some handles. I was thinking of using some pretty grosgrain ribbon, but I'm having trouble locating some that I like. I think I'll just use the old bamboo-handle standby that I can pick up at my local craft store. Much easier. I also need to put some cardboard (laminated, so it doesn't get wet) in the bottom to stiffen up the bag a bit.

I had so much fun knitting this bag that I've already cast on for another. I was near a Michael's this weekend, and I just happened to have four 40% off coupons at my disposal, so of course I had to use it to purchase more yarn! This bag will be a Christmas present for someone (could it be you?!).

Yes, I know, I'm a nut about knitting Christmas stuff this early . . . .

Still, you'll find it vastly helps the yarn stash guilt. You know the ol' excuse, "I need to buy this yarn because it could be a Christmas present for so-and-so . . ."

Pattern Specs:
Yarn: Patons SWS
Pattern: Booga Bag
Modifications: Cast On 60 stitches, pick up 20 along each shorter edge, and 60 along each longer edge.