Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's All in the Accessories

As most of you know by now, my dear sis Angie is due a day before I am with a little girl, which she hilariously calls her "Kung-Fu Princess" (due to the excessive amount of kicking that baby does.)

Of course, wanting to be a good Auntie, I had to make my newest niece something to treasure, drool on, and poop in.

Hence, the Anouk dress with some of my own modifications. I just love the beads. Every diva needs some bling in her life, I feel.

Not that I would know anything about diva-ness.

Since accessories are all the rage, and ultra-important to us divas, a chapeau was in order as well. I really debated putting beads on the bonnet as well, but in the end, compassion won out over vanity - I'd hate for my niece to wake up from her nap with tiny little indentations all over her head from the beads pressing into her scalp. There is a limit to what one will suffer for looks.

That doesn't apply to shoes, though, as any woman will know. A man must have invented stillettos. No sane woman would even think of foisting off such torturous devices on another human being.

But anyway, I digress.

Since I am a sane woman (stop sniggering!), I opted for flats for my Kung-fu niece. I figure she can fly through bamboo groves (a la Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and take out the bad guys much easier in shoes that lack a heel.

So, Angie, now that I am officially done with your baby's birth present, you are allowed to go into labor. It's still a few weeks early, but thank you for complying with my schedule and not going into labor before I was done knitting all this up.

After all, miss Kung-Fu can't come into this world until everything is prepared! What would a grand appearance be without shoes and bonnet?

Appearances are everything. It's all in the accessories.