Monday, May 5, 2008

The Difficulty of Taking it Easy

Have you ever noticed that when you clear your schedule to catch up on some much-needed rest, things somehow manage to get busier?

I've been looking forward to taking some time off from teaching, and I finished with my last lesson (for at least two months) on Tuesday. I envisioned days of blissful boredom, putting up my swollen feet, and relaxing with my knitting.


Really, I can't complain at all (well, okay, I can, because I have fun doing so!) because I'm having such a nice time "relaxing". On Thursday a friend came over for a lovely visit, on Friday I had my weekly appointment with my midwife, on Saturday I went to another friend's wedding shower (isn't she gorgeous, by the way?), on Sunday we were at the in-laws for most of the afternoon, and tonight we've got a Cinco de Mayo party. Hee hee - fun, fun, fun!

Here's a picture someone snapped of my SiL and I (and the two new babies incognito). She's due pretty soon too, so we have a lot of fun swapping birth horror stories and commiserating about the annoyances of pregnancy, although we're both actually enjoying our pregnancies fairly well. Doesn't she look great? The funny thing with my SiL, her name is Rachel, too. And, obviously, since our husbands are brothers, we also have the same last name. This causes endless confusion at doctor's offices and the library. Giving our middle initial doesn't help, either because that's the same as well! Ha!

Well, today my plans are to knit and relax for most of the morning. Those are my plans. I'm sure my two adorable terrorists-in-residence have something much more interesting planned for me, though. I wonder if the Army could loan me a tank for a day or so, so I can get some peace?

(Oh, thanks for everyone who's praying for a safe delivery for me and baby! I can't tell you how much that means to me. Just one caviat, though - please don't pray for an early delivery. I want to see the movie Prince Caspian when it comes out on the 16th. I figure baby can wait for a day after his due date - after all, I've been waiting 9 months for him, ha ha!)