Thursday, May 1, 2008

Of Toads and Toddlers

Yesterday while the kids and I were outside, I decided to do a little weeding. Since I'm not very flexible right now, I didn't do a whole lot, but I did manage to find a little toad hiding right under my very nose. After my first initial squawk of surprise, I called the kids over to inspect our newest pet. Poor toad - he has no idea what he's in for . . .

I try to encourage a love of nature in my kids, and I believe that a healthy dose of mud and dirt is good for their mental well-being. I draw the line, though, at them actually picking up the toad. He might have toxins in his skin . . . (I have no scientific idea if that's true, but it sounded plausible at the time.)

My "dainty" daughter wasn't at all squeamish with her new friend. "Prissy" is not an adjective that could ever be applied to her. I was a bit afraid that the toad wouldn't survive the experience of meeting my daughter, though. Thankfully, no toads were physically harmed during the process of this photo shoot.

He might be mentally incapacitated from now on, though . . . My kids can have that affect on people and animals . . .

When the toad couldn't take the toddler paparazzi any longer, he jumped into our little fish pond for some cooling relief. I've noticed that about celebrities - they seem to love showing off their disgustingly fit bodies at famous watering holes.

Of course, as I'm due in two weeks, I'm a bit jealous of celebrities and their ability to touch their toes. And see their feet. And walk without waddling.

~ This is sad - I'm jealous of a toad. ~