Friday, May 30, 2008

Klehm Arboretum

My dear Mum and Auntie Erna came to spend a few days with me last week, for which I am very grateful. They took excellent care of me, babying me and making sure the kids didn't wear me out. I think Peter and Banna-boo wore them out, though! (This is a picture of me and Erna at a local coffee shop. Don't we look like we're suffering?)

When we had to take Erna back to the bus station (she takes a shuttle to the airport) on Tuesday, we had a little stop over at the wonderful Klehm Arboretum. It was a lovely day, although the two Southern Belles complained bitterly about the chilly weather (it was 50 degrees. Terribly frigid. I felt so sorry for them. NOT!)

The arboretum's child garden was a big hit with all of us, and especially the fish pond.

I was worried that the kids would end up joining the fish, but thankfully their usual klutzy behavior didn't manifest itself, and we were remarkably fish-free on the way home.

Chubby Bubby was a very good baby the whole day, and seemed quite content to be packed around papoose-style in my sling. To me he looked squished, but as someone commented, "That's what he's used to, after all!".

He's in for a big shock now that Grammy and Auntie Erna have left. Now he won't get held for 24 hours a day!

The battle is on - - - who will crack first, Chubby Bubby or me?

Does it count against me if I'm already cracked up?

Don't answer that.