Friday, May 30, 2008

Wishing and Worrying

Do you ever get that niggling, nagging worry that something is dreadfully amiss? (Hee hee, I love "niggling", and with "nagging", it's serendipitous . . . but anyway . . . )

I have been busily working away on Something Blue, and I've gotten quite a lot done. I've got about 6 inches more of terribly interesting ribbing to do (non-knitters please note, "terribly interesting" is dripping with sarcasm), and one sleeve, and I'll be about done. I'd be further along on it, but - - -

I can't find it.

I last worked on it at a local park when my Mum was here. I'm pretty positive that I didn't leave it there, and I'm fairly positive that I carried it in the house, but I still can't find it.

I'm trying not to panic.

This is starting to become a mania with me, as I also can't seem to find the last skein necessary to complete my second Booga Bag. Part of me is saying, "I already knitted it up, I'm done", but another part (the second-guessing part that I usually ignore and that is usually correct and ALWAYS ends up saying, "See, I TOLD you so . . .") is saying that I haven't.

I can't find that skein, either. As soon as I break down and buy another skein, I'll find it.

Do you suppose there's an invisible knitting ghoul in my house? It'd be the same ghoul that unwinds my yarn and puts knots in the middle of skeins and mysteriously removes needles from socks . . .

(Technically, I have two knitting ghouls, otherwise known as "Peter" and "Banna-boo".)

On to the wishing part, since I need some happy knitting thoughts right now.

I've been working on an adorable baby top for my SiL's baby (due in July), and I needed to get Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting to get the lace pattern for the bottom so I checked it out from the library. I just LOVE this book! How have I functioned all these years without it? My life was without meaning until now.

I have to purchase this book. All three of them.

How am I going to get this past Handyman?