Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Surprises

No, the baby hasn't come yet, *sigh*! Were you expecting an announcement? I'm not really due until Thursday, although babies have a way of coming when they feel like it, as opposed to when mommy wants. I'm feeling pretty okay right now, with the inevitable discomfort and tiredness that accompanies this final leg of 9-month torture. (I'm soooo glad I'm not an elephant. Can you imagine being pregnant for 2 years? No wonder those poor mammas are gray and baggy!)

(You should click here for a laugh. My sister Angie, who's pregnant on Wednesday, did a hilarious post on pregnancy.)

So, Thursday was a difficult day for me, largely because I'm feeling large and not-in-charge of my body, and also because little Miss Boo wasn't feeling well. I'm not sure what she had, because it only lasted the day and didn't cause any other symptoms than a slight fever and an extreme amount of whining.

What a nice surprise to see this waiting for me on the front porch! A delivery of flowers from my sweet Handyman as an early surprise Mother's Day gift.

I suppose some people may find unpacking and arranging the flowers annoying, but that's one of my favorite things about receiving flowers.

Our lilacs around here are just starting to riot into their full color, so I couldn't resist adding some to the mix. Mmmmmm, does this bouquet smell and look wonderful!

As if that wasn't enough, along with the flowers and sweet message came some sweet chocolates! Yum! I've already eaten 3 of them, and if you know me and chocolate, that's saying a lot. (I love chocolate, but I don't like eating too much of it. Handyman once gave me a bag of my favorite Dove Dark Chocolates at Christmas, and I still had over half a bag left by my birthday in March. I prefer to saaaaavvooor the experience . . .)

So that was Thursday.

Imagine my shock when the following afternoon I found THIS on my doorstep!

More flowers, but this time from my sweet sister Lynn! There were so many roses in this bunch that I couldn't get them all to fit in the vase that came with the flowers. What a shame, I had to put them in another vase and display them in another room of the house, ha ha!

So, now I have roses in my kitchen, dining room, and next to the bed.

Okay, baby, you can make your grand entrance any time now . . . .!