Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bottles, bottles . . .

Now that I'm pumping, nursing, AND bottle feeding baby Gabe, my knitting time is practically nil. I have figured out how to pump and knit, how to nurse and knit, but not how to hold the bottle in Gabe's mouth and knit. Unfortunately, I cannot ethically rig up a rubberband system of bottle holding with a newborn.

*Sigh* I'm putting my children ahead of knitting. What is this world coming to?

(I'm just KIDDING! Of course my kids are more important! Please no hate mail, lol!)

On a happier note, Gabe had a check up yesterday, and although he hasn't gained as much weight as he should, he has gained weight (he's now a nice 10 pounds even) and has grown an inch longer. Perhaps the length has added to his "stretched" look. Now that he's getting a regular food supply, I think he'll start fattening up. Perhaps it's just "mommy-wishing", but I think his cheeks already look a little better?

I bought some yarn a week ago from someone from Destash, and I'm pretty happy with my purchases. I got both items for $23 (shipping and handling included).

First up is some gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn. It has a generous 450 yards, so I think I might be able to squeeze two pairs out of it, one for me, and one for someone with small feet. Anyone out there with small feet?

Oh, wait, I'm surrounded by small feet. Never mind, I'm not knitting you any socks, sorry.

Secondly I snagged some squishily soft baby cashmere that I'm going to make into a scarf. Yes, let's say it together, "caaaaaashmere". Yum! So delicious, and completely calorie free!

I have gotten some knitting done, but I guess it doesn't count since I'm going to frog the whole thing. This is three repeats of the Evening Star shawl. I'm going to frog it because the lace weight I bought isn't heavy enough, and I don't like the fact that the pattern doesn't show well. I'm not going to go to all that work and not have the pattern show.


I know that now, *sigh*.