Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling Blue, but Happy About It!

A few weeks ago I finished the "Something Blue" sweater, but I waited to blog about it because I just couldn't find the right button.

Shopping for the right button is much like looking for a husband; the button must be useful, good to look at, practical, suit the finished garment, and most of all, have that innate pizzaz that shouts, "I'm the right man!" uh, "Button!"

Whoops, got carried away there with my metaphors . . .

Hee hee, I've got the right button, in both senses of the metaphor! (Oh yeah, look at that button . . . yum, yum . . . oh sorry, getting off track here . . .)

Here it is: Taaa-daaa!

Yeah, yeah, I know, all they hype ruins the reality, but believe me, I searched EVERYWHERE to find a button that worked. Since this is ultimately not going to be for me, I had to be extra-picky to find something that would appeal to it's new owner (who isn't going to get this item until Christmas. Naaaa - naaaaa! Pffftttttt!)

I'm very mature. And there's no accounting for taste, I know.