Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This is going to be a little different from my usual nutty, wry-attempts-at-humor-posts, because I plan to be serious.

Perfectly serious.

I'm going to write about how cranky and mean I can be.

(Don't everyone scramble from the door at once. I can't reach through the internet to bop you on the head, so you're relatively safe - for now, heh heh.)

I was talking to my dear Handyman last night (who, by the way, should be given an award for paying attention to my rantings and nodding at the appropriate moments) about what a mean, cranky, and un-thankful mom I feel like I'm turning into. Yes, I realize that having three little kids entitles one to a certain amount of stress and chaos and depleted resources of sanity, but I truly believe the Bible is right in saying that a Christian can have "peace that passes understanding" and be "thankful in everything".

Don't worry, I'm not interpreting all this as "I'm going to become the perfect Martha-Stewart-Mother", but rather, that I don't become a "Martha Stewart" when I find raisins embedded in the couch or that my daughter has eaten pizza crust dipped in toilet water (you don't want to know about the latter. Trust me.)I want to be a thankful mom. Yes, my kids are annoying. Yes, they drive me nuts. Yes, they unravel my knitting and send my sanity spinning across the floor along with the yarn ball.

But, they give me kisses and hugs, don't care if my hair could rival Albert Einstein's, make me laugh at their antics, never wonder at the clothes I think are fashionable, and love me in spite of all my crankiness and irritation. They are a beautiful canvas that I have the good fortune to hold while God paints the picture of their lives.

Thankfulness, I believe, is forcing oneself to view the positive more than the negative. The raisins will still be in the couch tomorrow, no doubt, (although I sincerely hope my daughter doesn't eat pizza from the toilet anymore) but my attitude in dealing with the day-to-day triumphs and struggles will largely depend on my level of happiness.

Happy in the midst of insanity is my goal. Hey, I've got the "midst of insanity" part down pat!