Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goodies in the Mail

I have discovered that our US postal service only steals socks that are already knit. Thankfully, they leave the pre-knitted socks (i.e. yarn) alone. This is good, because if my mail order yarn started disappearing the US would have a serious matter on their hands rivaling any terrorist attack imaginable.

(This is the real reason why knitters are allowed their needles on aircraft when liquid insufficient to douse a match is not. Knitters deprived of their knitting have a Jekyll and Hyde tendency towards destruction . . . Have you seen previews for the movie "The Hulk"? Just imagine that . . . combined with sharp, pointy objects called needles.)

I purchased some yarn from Knit Picks, and I'm really pleased with the result. They're starting to carry some lovely kettle-dyed Essentials Sock Yarn, just perfect for knitting a pair of these socks for my Dad's birthday present. (I can mention this here, because he never reads my blog. Too much knitting content fogs the male senses, I think.) This is my first foray into Essentials yarn, but the kettle-dyed shading is lovely.

Then, imagine my surprise when I got not one, not two, but THREE knitting-related packages in the mail! It was like Christmas, only better, because I don't usually get knitting stuff for Christmas (hint, hint to family members . . . I know, I'm terrible. Thankfully you're family so you have to forgive me.)

Second to be opened up was this lovely Opal un-dyed sock yarn from blogger friend Lin, a gift to me because she's nice (and knows that yarn is great therapy for over-stressed mothers of young children). See, I got this cool brainstorm idea of how to use up all those 120 + yards of leftover sock yarn - alternate it with plain white, and use it to make striped socks! (Heh, heh, at least I think this is a cool idea. We shall see if it's worth the agitation of switching yarns every inch or so for the length of an entire sock.)

Then, I got an amazing gift from another blogger friend, Kerry. She knitted me the most ADORABLE pair of baby booties for Gabe. What a cool pattern, and knitted with some luscious cashmere/cotton yarn. I tell ya, the kid has expensive footwear! I have to be content with $2 Wal-mart slippers!

Here's a closer photo. Aren't they cute? The best part is (every mother knows this is essential) they stay on his feet. Plus, due to the smart design, they can expand to fit him for quite awhile. Kerry, can you share the pattern? I'd love to get this pattern for future baby gifts for friends.

Not being content with spoiling my son's feet lavishly, she sent an extra skein of yarn so I could knit a hat or something to match. How cool is that?

Then, just so I wouldn't get jealous of my baby (because, while I love him to distraction, he'd better back away from my stash or else), she sent this luscious, tasty, absolutely edible and calorie-free Malabrigo. Can you tell that I have a weakness for Malabrigo? It ranks right up there with smooches from Handyman and dark chocolate. Excuse me a moment, as I'm feeling weak in the knees . . . All this fibery goodness makes me short of breath . . .

Yes, I know, I'm pathetic.