Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Fourth with My Four

I and the four other members of my society (i.e. family members who have no choice but to hang out with me) went to Monroe, WI to view the fireworks and listen to the town's local band. The band was pretty good, especially considering the size of the town. It's something of a family tradition to hear the band, eat the famous Badger Pizza from Pizza Hut (totally good for your mental happiness, although it can wreak havoc on the size of one's thighs . . .), and then view the fireworks.

We saw fireworks in our own local town on the day before, but even though our town is much bigger, the fireworks weren't anything near as exciting. You know the fireworks must not be that good if your kids ask to go home in the middle of the display because they're bored.Monroe's fireworks kept them enthralled the whole time. I wonder if I could hire them to do this every night so I can get a break? Oh, never mind, I can't knit in the dark - yet.

That blur on the left is my daughter. She pretty much looked like that off camera, too. It was a combination of crowds (i.e. audience for her antics), too much soda, and not enough sleep.

Peter contented himself with antagonizing his sister until it got dark.

He would have continued his torture practices after dark, too, but by then we'd had enough and confined them both to a straight jacket, also know as the "Double Stroller".

Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there!