Monday, August 25, 2008

A Fair Bit of Fun

That's what's great about the county Fair; there are endless title possibilities, all of which are liable to cause groans and rolling-of-eyes. You could have "Fair Games", "My Fair Lady", "Fairly Fun Day" and so forth. I'll let you come up with more corny titles on your own.

I'm going to try to refrain from posting every single photograph I have from the Fair, but it'll be difficult, as they're all so special. Something about the combination of kids and animals just makes for photogenic moments. (Especially if aforementioned animal is a goat which decides to eat my daughter's shirt.) Ah yes, the photographic possibilities . . .

The kids and I twice met up with friends. On Wednesday we met the Andersons, and on Thursday we got together with the Morrises. This is Banna-Boo's BFF Emma-Kate. They are nearly the same height, are the same age, and have identical voices. When they get together it's impossible to tell who's screaming and who's not. Thankfully Emma-Kate is more relaxed and easy-going, as she and Miss Boo wouldn't get along well if they were both as snarky as Miss Boo.

Gabe slept a lot on Wednesday.

Oooo, look a Star Trek Sheep! Seriously! It's a Klingon! (The mental imagery of Worf knitting is priceless.) Am I showing my nerdy colors by proclaiming my love of all things Trekky? Ha, it's my blog. Deal with it.

On Thursday Gabe was his usual sweet self, but a little more fussy than normal, since I think he's teething. I have reached this deductive intuition by analysing the copious amounts of drool along with the constant gumming of anything handy. And I mean anything.

My personal favorite was an angora rabbit named Elizabeth. This cutie pie was so tame, she followed us along the edge of her cage, hoping for some attention. I hated to disappoint. I'm all about pleasing others.

"Take me home with you! Handyman will never notice!"

Peter enjoyed playing with his buddy Henry. They're good friends, but I wondered how long their friendship would last when we got to the tractors. What is it with men and machinery?

Gabe, of course, slept through it all.

Doesn't Peter look intent? It's a good thing the keys weren't in the ignition, or he would have run over someone. Most likely his sister. He'd have loved that.

Don't feel sorry for her, though. She's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Her screech alone could peel paint.

She's short, but not without weapons.

Hey, cool, another animal with a bad hair day! Did I say another? I meant, uh, "Look! An animal with a bad hair day!" I never have bad hair days.

This chicken really struck my fancy. I wasn't quite able to capture the sheen of iridescent green on her feathers. Wouldn't that make a really cool colorway for yarn? Some people see dead people. Some people see chickens. I see yarn.