Friday, August 22, 2008

Peter and the Tiger

No, it really is Peter and the Tiger, not Peter and the Wolf. Our county fair usually has some pretty cool exhibits, and one of our favorites is Great Cat Adventures, an educational show that teaches about big cats and their habitats, habits, etc. The fun part is that all the animals on display are only "kittens", so they're very playful, as opposed to fully grown animals at the zoo that just sleep all day. It's quite something to see a 300 pound "kitten" tiger rolling around on a yoga ball.

At least I don't have to worry any more about my yoga ball popping under me.

(Stop snickering).

Anyway, during the show the announcer asked for volunteers and picked Peter. I think it was pretty hard for him to ignore my son who was practically bouncing on his daddy's lap and yelling, "pick me, puleeeeeease pick me!" Let's just say Peter loved every minute of it. Breanna was a little jealous, but I don't think she really got the concept that these were "real" animals as opposed to her "stuffed" animals, so the jealousy was short-lived. As soon as Peter was back in the stands it was guerilla warfare as usual between the two of them, instead of total annihilation like I feared.

Here's Peter's big debut!

And here he is petting the baby tiger, which was unbelievably soft. Tigers look rather fluffy and scruffy, but they feel just as soft as bunnies.