Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Sock, Two Sock

. . . but not the same two socks!

I started another pair of Monkey Socks with the most gorgeous yarn (Pagewood Farms Chugiak Sock Yarn) I scored off of a Destash site, but I've put aside the second one since I'm trying to concentrate on gift knitting for now.

That leads me to sock #2, which is the Naragansett Bay Socks from the book A Fine Fleece. There are a lot of nice cabled sweaters in that book, and I might someday knit one of them for myself. For now, though, I'm just knitting a pair of socks for my friend Elise. She likes things simple and plain, and since I'm not at ALL simple, I had to find a happy medium. This is a nice interesting pattern for me, and a solid color for her. I hope she likes them when I finally get them both done! Oh, I'm knitting them with Knitpicks Bare Sock Yarn. So far I like the softness, but it's a teeny bit splitty, so watch out for that if you're ever going to purchase it.

On a non-knitting note, my sister and her boyfriend Chris came up to visit us for the weekend, and we had a fantastic time. I'll try to post pictures soon!


hakucho said...

Beautiful socks!! I love them both :)

You changed your blog...looks very nice :)