Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Work in Progress

For us knitters, we usually term such projects WiPs for time's sake. We also usually have way to many of these things on hand than is good for time's sake. In this respect, I am an advanced knitter - I have a LOT of WiPs. It keeps me interested, but means I don't have a lot of progress to show on one particular item.

This is a sock I'm knitting for - - - - - for Christmas. It's the lovely Dolomite pattern by Anne from Knitspot. I think this will be the third pair I've knitted with this pattern, an usual feat for me, as I tend to get bored with a pattern after knitting it once.

The yarn is a new type for me, though. It's Knitpicks Essentials in their new kettle-dyed color coal. I just LOVE the subtleties of the color variations, and for the price, you can't beat it. There is a slight splitty-ness to the yarn, but not too bad to be annoying. I'm definitely getting more of this stuff for socks. I think I prefer the solid color shading type of sock yarn the best, as I'm not into too much color.

The needles are also new, and I got them from Knitpicks too. They are circulars (I prefer knitting my socks on circulars), and I like them every bit as much as the more expensive Addi Turbos. I even have Addi Lace Turbos, and I think these from Knitpicks are about the same, but WAAAAY cheaper.

Perhaps I can hint Handyman into getting me a gift certificate from Knitpicks for Christmas . . . It seems there's always something from there that I'd like more of!


hakucho said...

That's a sure sign of an excellent pattern, when you keep on knitting it. Your socks look great so far :)

TuttleTime said...

Yummy, as usual...I can almost "feel the quality" from here. :)