Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the Trail of Adventure

These pictures are from back in July, but I just didn't have the chance to blog them until now. I almost decided not to, but they were so nice I couldn't resist. They were taken when my some of my nieces and nephews and the kids and I went for a walk on a bike trail near our town.

We found all sorts of interesting things.
Any idea what sort of plant this is? I was hoping they were currants. I've always wanted to try currants. I really have got to get myself a book of local flora. It irks me not to know what the common plants are around here. Any suggestions for a good book?Here's another plant with pretty berries, but a different kind. No idea what it is.This plant looked the same as the first, but the berries grew in a different pattern and were orange.I'm not sure what these are. I tried to leave them, but a few followed me home. No idea how that happened.
Just kidding, just kidding! Don't report me to the authorities!

This little guy I kept close. Didn't want to lose track of this bundle of sweetness! Just look at those cheeks! Yum!Now this little guy was cute, too, but in a much different sense. I had no desire to kiss his cheeks! He was extremely tiny, about half the size of a dime.
What is this strange creature? Very scary looking indeed!
I meant the baby.

Peter and his cousin Mahaela kept up a brisk pace for us. We walked/biked about 2 miles, but Peter seemed to do just fine!Mariah and Breanna did fine too, although they had the easy version of a "walk".
Another plant I can't name. This is getting to me. I'll call it "Plant number 4", in case you'd care to identify it for me and put me out of my misery.
After I dropped the nieces and nephews back at their house, the kids played in the back yard together for an hour. The slip-and-slide was a big hit.Peter apparently decided to combine the sport of "sliding" with "bowling". Just watch and see . . .


Bette Anne said...

I loved the "bowling for my sister" game! Looks like something Mack would have enjoyed! :)

TuttleTime said...

I LOVE IT....I could almost see that coming. I also could see the Kahue volcano erupting from Banna...Hilarious! She and I are definitely related. :) Hmm...that also means it was inherited from you, too. LOL!

I love the pics from the trail. You were talking about Baby Gaby's cheeks and I could help noticing those sweet little lips! :) How are we going to get any scrapbooking done with all this cuteness lying about. I guess it helps that I arrive early enough to get all that smooching behind us, so we can truly focus on getting our scrapbooking done. :)

TuttleTime said...

By the way, you look good Rach! :) Work it, Sister!

Also, did you know you have two of the same slideshow posted to the right of your blog? :) I kept seeing Peter come up at the same time. Made me laugh.

Ellen said...

Too funny -- love the pics... glad you decided to share.