Friday, October 10, 2008

Ev'wy Iddy Biddy Pawt

I'm not much of a baby person; never was. I don't get all gushy and woozy at the sight of a baby, although I don't really have anything against babies personally (obviously, as I've had three of them - four, if you count Handyman).

However, my baby . . . . ahhhhhhhhhh. This is perfectly understandable, of course, as my baby is quite simply the best baby ever born in the history of babies being born. (Do I sense raised eyebrows and skepticism here? Well, it's my blog, so pfffftttt!)
I love my baby's fat rolls. It's so not fair. Why are fat rolls on a baby cute when mine are anything but? Don't answer that.
I love my baby's eyes. J'aime tes yeux, mon bebe! (See, all that vocal training in foreign languages pays off. I can make an idiot out of myself in French as well as English).
His ears, too. His ears stick out in an adorably dorky sort of way.
*Sigh* And then those fingers! Ooo la la, those tiny hands!
The tongue is quite charming, too. He usually sticks it out for an hour or so after nursing. I think it's because his innards are so stuffed that there's not enough room for his tongue - - until he poops. That's not quite so charming.

I just love his little button nose. I'm sure that when he grows up his nose might be considered unfortunate, but I think it's sweet.
Those lips! Those little drool bubbles of cuteness!

My favorite thing of all, however, has to be the feet; those little feet that will someday carry him far away from me, and hopefully bring him back. The feet that will cover ground I never will, and take him to unimaginable places.

So, I cover his feet with socks and kisses. The socks keep his feet warm, the kisses warm his heart. Besides, he'll soon outgrow my hand-knitted socks.

Kisses always fit.


Ellen said...

What a sweet post! -And so endearing. He is so beautiful. I love his eyes. Again, with all that cuteness to admire, I don't know how you get a thing done around the house. ha ha. ;)

TuttleTime said...

OMG...Sweetest post ever. Gaby is simply the cutest baby.....BOY. I have the cutest girl. :P)

I cannot wait to kiss on him!!!! Babies are the most distracting little angels aren't they?!

Sereknitty said...

Unbelieveably adorable ... almost as cute as my grandbaby :)

Too Little Time said...

Little baby piggy's are my FAVORITE! - One of the best memories I have is giving Joshua a "pocketfull of kisses" whenever I had to leave him so he always had some to pull out until I came back. Sometimes he still lets me give him a pocketful :) K

hakucho said...

Aw, sooo cute. That's what I miss most now that my boy are all so big (I'm the smallest in the family now) being able to kiss them all over, including their sweet little feet. Guess I just have to wait for my grandkids....but I'm not at all in a hurry for that :)

Lucinda said...

Awwww! How adorable!

That's the cutest use of sock yarn leftovers I've ever seen.

Barbara said...

Well, you're not too smitten, heh. Baby feet are just the cutest!

Renee said...

This is so cute! You're still poetic I see! :) I love the baby rolls too!