Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry, I couldn't resist the terrible pun. That's what happens when you hang around with Handyman for too long - horrible puns come spewing out, wreaking havoc on innocent passersby.

Anyway, I managed to finish Handyman's Christmas present, the Sleeveless Hoodie. I am quite pleased with the finished results, and I'm debating knitting up a matching one for Peter. Wouldn't he and daddy be a handsome pair?
(Sorry about the blurry photo. This is the best one of about 20. Four year old boys do NOT like to hold still - or smile in anything less than a completely dorky grin.)

Here's the back with the hood. I tried steam blocking it with an iron, which flattened the edges down but slightly singed the yarn. Thankfully it's not too noticieable.Specs:
Pattern: Sleeveless Hoodie from the Knitting Man(ual)
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, 3 skeins of Navy and 2 of Terra Cotta Orange
Click here to see the modifications I wrote up on my Ravelry page


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

what a handsome male model!!! ooh la la! :) and yes I think the twin sweater combination would make for a perfect father/son picture :)

I love the hoodie Rach! you're so creative and talented! nice job!!!

Leah said...

great job. ahhhh the talent! :-) I would knit my fingers together if I tried. and i think one for Peter is a great idea.

Barbara said...

Nice work. I hope you have time to make one for Peter. Heck why not the whole family?

hakucho said...

The hood is fantastic! Yes, you HAVE to make a matching one for Peter. That would be so cute :)