Saturday, November 22, 2008

Babies in the Bathwater

"Babies in the Bathwater", starring cousins Gabriel and Michelle.

Scene 1: Dirty, but charming nonetheless. The drama commences with much splashing, fanfare, and nudity. (This is a family-friendly blog, so no graphic pictures will be shown to illustrate the latter). Please ignore my son's boogers. He's a boy, and boys come with boogers. It's part of their genetic design.Scene 2: Washing and drying. Will it end in tears? Who will cry first, the mommies or the babies? The suspense is overwhelming!Scene 3: Conflict is resolved. Minimal tears were shed, sour baby smell was conquered, and all parties involved were dressed warmly, thanks to Grammy's gift of matching sleepers.After all, every diva and screen hotshot needs a wardrobe stylist.


Mary said...

So cute, Gram too. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I have to ask. Do you have your tree up already? Amazing.

smariek said...

Oh, they are too cute!!

Love the double sink bathtub! What a great way to do both at the same time! Never thought of that before.

Ellen said...

Diva and screen hotshot ??? Now that I've had a class in photography certousy of MOPS I am armed and dangerous. Handyman beware!!

Lin said...

That takes me back to bathing my boy in the sink! Thay are cute!

TuttleTime said...

What an absolutely cute post...I may be a bit biased, though. The babies look so adorable! I cannot wait to print these pics off, use my new Cricut (I think I may have begged for this friend Katrina is also getting one, so I will be like a little child on Christmas)....and make an adorable page! The long-distance twins are just too cute! Can't wait to get them on their first Christmas.

All Natural Mama said...

Oh, way too cute!
I must say on a side note that I love the music on your blog.
Mushaboom! Just ordered it from the library to check it out.