Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silk and Pearls, with no Purls

When I was at the scrapbook retreat a few weeks ago, my Mum and I took a quick break from the grind of "working" (heh heh) on the scrapbooks to visit some of the local shops in the historic downtown area.

We stopped at a quaint little yarn shop called La bella vita, which sold some really nice stuff. I really wanted to go there because they sold some of Sandy's Palette yarns, which I've gotten before and really liked.

My Mum, who can knit but sadly has not fallen for the obsessive knitter disease (trust me, I've tried to infect her, but so far it hasn't caught; she's immune), did seem to like a particular scarf on display. I was quite happy to offer to knit the scarf if she paid for the yarn. I have an inkling that she really bought the yarn (Artyarns Silk Rhapsody in black and gray) because of the greedy light in my eyes, rather than the desire for a new scarf. However, I hope she'll be pleased with the finished results when she gets it at Christmas.It's basically a garter stitch scarf worked on size 13 needles, but I'm knitting freshwater pearls into it as I go. I strung the pearls onto heavy duty black thread, and am knitting the thread in with the silk yarn. Every so often I just slip a pearl into the stitch, and that's it!

The sheen of this thing is amazing, and the drape will make a really nice scarf. I'm almost done, but I ran out of pearls and thread, so I had to put it on hold until I could make a run to JoAnn Fabrics.

Hopefully I'll get it done soon!


Nikki said...

Beautiful! It actually looks similar to the twisted drop stitch scarf I'm making!

TuttleTime said...

When in the world did you have time to knit your sleep?

Looks beautiful. It should look very nice with pearls.