Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Days

We got a 10 foot dumping of snow on Friday, so on Saturday, I pretended to be a good Mommy and went outside.

Please notice that -


(Feelings of goodness and saintliness are washing over me.)

(I have this wonderful free photo-editing program called "Picassa", and it allows me to retouch photos. This is especially handy when your daughter's nose is dripping ogre boogers, and yet you want to display her photo.)

Thanks to a dear friend, Peter got something called a "snow block" for his birthday. This was the first time we've been able to utilize it, and I must admit, it kept me entertained for awhile. (Although, when I first saw the Block thingy, I thought it was a strange type of lunch box. I'm just not "hip" with snow toys.)

Breanna kept eating my walls.
The neighbor boy, Martin, came over to play with Peter for awhile. I was very happy about this, as Martin has an overabundance of energy, and I do not. A perfect formula for boys: throw them down a steep hill with freezing temperatures and icy snow, add a bit of danger by way of oncoming traffic, and they're absolutely happy.
Breanna takes after me - she doesn't like cold and snow.

Peter is insane, like most men. He thinks it's a blast, and would most likely run around outside in his undies if I let him.

He finds it especially funny that Breanna hates snow.
I have to admit, I think it's rather humorous too . . .


Ellen said...

Ha. Love it. How much snow did you really get? ;) The pics of the kids are so good. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy it just a little... ;)

Too Little Time said...

Merry Christmas my friend - Karrie

Barbara said...

Merry Christmas!

TuttleTime said...

I cannot WAIT to give Banna her gift. I hope you find it as humerous as I did. :) love you and can't wait til New Years. You will enjoy our 50+ degree temps.