Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haole Son

I am back in the Frigid North, but I've got a TON of photos from my visit to the Sunny South, so that's why I'm still blogging about it. (Plus, looking at my family in short sleeves makes me feel fractionally warmer . . .)

Both my sisters Lynn and Angie live in Atlanta, so our whole clan spent New Years there. I just love Asian food, which is something that's hard to come by here in my little town. ("Ethnic" food here means Mexican or chicken soup with "noodles". If there's not potatoes in the dish, Midwesterners won't eat it).

My goal was to eat as much Asian cooking as I could, and for once, I think I got pretty close to achieving one of my goals, ha ha!
My sister Lynn recommended a Korean restaurant called Han Lee Kwan (I think, can't remember exactly now), and I knew immediately that it would be good, due to the fact that no one in there was speaking English. (Hint: if there are only white people in a Korean restaurant, run.)

Bi Bim Bap is one of my all-time favorite Korean dishes, especially since it's so difficult to replicate at home due to the rather exotic vegetables in the dish. It's basically a bed of rice surrounded by lots of veggies, a bit of hamburger meat, and topped with an egg cooked sunny side up.
Add to that some delicious Korean hot sauce, and it's a heavenly combination!

Bompey and Grammy love Korean, too, and they tried to demonstrate the art of chopsticks to my youngest son.Not such a good idea.

Grammy was rather distracted, because she kept trying to get her Crackberry (i.e. Blackberry) to work. Her little electronic narcotic was fussing because Mum dropped it in a wet location; a - um - white bowl place. We'll leave it at that.
Lynn was eager to introduce Asian cooking to her haole looking nephew, Gabe. (Haole is a Hawaiian word for "white". Depending on the context, it can also be used in place of "muggle" for "uninitiated".)
Considering that she started with lemon, I don't think the experience went as well as it might.(Note the grin of sadistic pleasure on my sister's face. Evil, I tell ya. Just evil.)

Ignore the fact that his evil mother was also snapping pictures.


TuttleTime said...

I am sorry but I just don't share our family's infatuation with Korean food. Give me Thai, Japanese, or Chinese...It looks like you all enjoyed it though.

Hmm...Lemons. That was Caleb's very first non-Mommy milk taste, too. Hope Gaby enjoys others soon.

Sereknitty said...

I haven't yet tried Korean, but I must say your photos looked very appealing! We'll be having Haggis in our house tomorrow, as it's Robbie Burn's Day for we Scots :)

Acornbud said...

Hmm, Gabe will have to be tough being number snaps a picture instead of leaping to to defend him from the wicked witch of the east (wink)

hakucho said...

I'm another one who's never had Korean food. I've had Chinese(my favorite), Thai and Japanese.

Glad you had your fill!