Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rentals and Rednecks

One of the reasons why we stayed in the Sunny South for such a long time (three weeks) was not only to visit with friends and family, but also to work on our rental property, which was vacant and needed new tenants.Handyman and I bought this place the first year we were married, and we lived there for about a year until I finished college. Although the place isn't much to speak of, it's on a beautiful wooded hill and seems quiet and private.(No, that's not it; that's the well house. It's a wee bit bigger than that . . .)

There is a small trailer that has one bedroom, a tiny kitchen, and a living room, along with a very nice deck.
After I gave the deck another fresh coat of paint, it looked even better.(Only a dedicated blogger takes a picture of deck railings.)

The inside needed some work, too, but mostly just a good cleaning. I was amazed at how nice the carpets looked after some steam-cleaning.
The bathroom took a lot of scrubbing, too. Let's just say the amount of scum on the shower walls was enough to shock even the Swamp Thing.
Our previous tenant was a single guy, and although he kept the place structurally sound, he was, well, a single guy. Men are not generally hygenic to begin with, but this guy was on a level all his own. The worst, yes, WORST thing I had to clean was the fridge. I had to wear gloves, a mask, and rosary beads to get through it (well, not really about the last item).
(Like I've stated before, this is a family-friendly blog, so I omitted any "before" shots of the fridge. They could make horror flicks with that footage.)

Although a few days were "cold" (please note the sarcasm in that word), the kids had a blast playing outside and "helping" us. Miss Boo was very good at giving Handyman nails - at least until she dropped the box between the deck railings. After that she got fired.
Peter got in to the action, too. Seriously, what is it with men and tools?
Our place has quite a bit of land and no neighbors, so the kids were able to run around and explore to their hearts' content.
Peter found all sorts of interesting things, like . . .
. . . worms and Anole lizards. (Oh, Mum, can you let the lizards go? I think they're still in your terrarium upstairs . . .)

After spending all day playing, they certainly needed a trip to "Magic Bubble Land" (the kids' nickname for my parents' jacuzzi tub).
The other part of the property is a free-standing double garage, with the first part being a finished apartment. The carpet in that part was past saving, so Handyman tiled it. He's very handy that way.
Also, since this was the South, there was the prerequisite "old car that doesn't run". The previous tenant left some sort of car behind him when he left. Since I can't see what kind of car it is in the photo, I can't tell you what it is. To me, a car is either "red" or "green", etc. At most I can differentiate a "van" from a "sports car", but that's about my limit.
As far as I know, that car is still there, despite the fact that we have new tenants.

Very southern of us, we know.

Hey, at least it's not up on blocks.
Redneck Joke 12
You might be a redneck if both your house and car are on blocks.


hakucho said...

Good luck with your new tenants :)

The kids look like they had fun :)

Ellen said...

I totally forgot about this place! I remember having dinner there. :) I'm glad you have the opportunity to maintain it. It was a pretty lot... Good luck with the new tenant!

Ellen said...

Love the song. It's fitting. The lizards are coming to school with me today. I am going to put them in my lizard tank and then turn them loose when school gets out. How is Beaster and Grouchy?

Flipfloppingmamma said...

It looks so nice!! I love that it's out in the woods. Hubby will take that car in a heartbeat!! When can he drive down to get it?

Flipfloppingmamma said...

It looks so nice!! I love that it's out in the woods. Hubby will take that car in a heartbeat!! When can he drive down to get it?

TuttleTime said...

That's a nice car...that should be a perk. :)

I remember eating on your deck out there. It was a nice, quiet place. I'm sure Banna Boo and Petesy loved making as much noise as they wanted out there.

Man, you did a good job at that fridge...maybe you should hit up Mom's and Oma's next. (They are going to kill me for saying this...Ha!).

Lucinda said...

The car is a classic 1960's era Ford Thunderbird. The older brother of one of my childhood friends had one.

Cleaning up after a single guy isn't a task I envy, that's for sure! It looks like it was fun for the kids though.