Monday, March 2, 2009


A week ago I bought some fabric to sew myself a shirt. I had visions of an amazing garment that would make me look instantly twenty pounds thinner, three feet taller, and several degrees smarter.

It did none of that. In fact, it had the remarkable effect of making me look heavier, shorter, and dumber. I decided to scrap it, but only after taking my frustrations out on the offensive garment by stomping on it, spitting on it, and calling it several nasty names.

About the only good thing about that awful pattern is that it called for a yard more material than was needed, so I had plenty left over to whip up a shirt for Miss Boo.
The kids are always thrilled when I make something for them, and she was no exception.
She could care less about her weight, height, or IQ. I didn't need to use a pattern, since it was basically just a large rectangle that I sewed up the back. I inserted two bands of elastic for the bodice, and sewed straps to the edges so it's adjustable. Technically she should be able to wear it for at least another year, but since the fabric is rather fragile, I doubt it will last that long.

She seems happy with it, though!


Ellen said...

Hi little miss Boo!! I called you this morning and I am waiting for you to call me back. I love your pretty green shirt. You are the prettiest little Boo I have ever seen. I love you!

Too Little Time said...

Cute --- I have been down that "too big, too fat, too...." road myself which is why I stopped sewing for myself. Last year I had my mom make me a dress (didn't have the time) and while the dress is really pretty and I like the fabric a lot buy the time it was finnished in a size to cover my chest I feel like a beached whale. I find I do better in t-shirts and skirts :) K

Ellen said...

What a cute little shirt! I love it.

Leah said...

It looks cute! Wish I was talented enough to make clothes for my girls. No such luck! I am tackling making cute hairbows currently. maybe one day I will voyage into the land of sewing, but it's doubtful. I have a hard time cutting in a straight line.

Barbara said...

What a little sweetheart. I hate when clothing misbehaves.

Andi said...

What a cute shirt! Ava happened to be looking over my shoulder and saw it too. She said, "Oh I love Bona's shirt! Her mom is going to have to make one for me too!" Lol! My kids wish I could sew...maybe someday. ;-)

Renee said...

So cute, and you are so funny as usual. I have to say that I love your new layout. Your blog header is sooo cute! Love it. Not sure how long you've had it since I usually follow you in google reader so I don't come to your actual page... :( At least with the reader I can still keep up with everyone in this crazy pace I call my life... :)