Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine's Bash

My friend Esther hosted a Valentine's Soiree at her house, which we looked forward to with great anticipation. I made the horrid mistake of telling my kids about the party two weeks beforehand, and for two weeks I was treated to a non-stop questioning session of, "Is the party today? Can we go to Mrs. Esther's house NOW?!!!" that could rival water-boarding.

Peter and Miss Boo were thrilled to be able to pass out Valentine's cards. I had dreams of making wonderful homemade cards, but reality got in the way (as usual), and the extent of my craftiness was to paste the pre-made Walmart cards onto card stock paper. Very snazzy.


I did manage to turn the Valentine's cards into a writing lesson by making Peter write everyone's names on the cards. In my opinion, that's a mark of true motherhood - making a spoonful of sugar taste like cod liver oil. No Mary Poppins in this household!
Esther is a true mother too, because she set up this:
and then made the kids eat sandwiches and soup first.

Don't stare at that candy photo for too long, or a cavity will start to develop.

Gabe found all the action very exciting. So did I. I happily left my overly excited, sugar-high children in Esther's care while I sat and knit happily by myself in another room.

The kids exchanged Valentines cards and also made a few cards with glitter glue and stickers. The thought of glitter glue gives me paroxysms of terror. I'm glad we were at Esther's house.
That Esther; not only is she pretty and sweet, she also throws a great party. I love having such classy and sophisticated friends.


smariek said...

That cake looks so good! Looks like the kids had lots of fun, and yay on squeezing in a little knitting time too. Too funny about them asking whether it's time yet. Mine does the same when there is something she's looking forward to. So last time we planned a road trip, we just didn't tell her so there wouldn't be any "are we going today?" questions, and on the morning of, we just said we're going out and that it is a surprise.

Barbara said...

Oh what fun! You escaped for a moment to knit? Lucky you. Gabe is adorable:)

Ellen said...

What great fun for the kids! Everything looked lovely. :) I love that you stowed away to another room to knit. :)

TuttleTime said...

I love that you have a fun group of friends to hang out with. I am going to try to find a mom's group, too. :) Looks like a great time and again...I'm starving. Thanks for the eye candy.