Saturday, March 7, 2009


See this?

This place is warm.

It is an island in the warm Netherlands Antilles called Saba (pronounced SAY-buh). Did I mention it's warm there?
In two weeks, to celebrate 10 years of marriage (i.e. ten years spent living in the same house without committing homicide) I and Handyman and Baby Gabe are going there for a week of warmth and sunshine.
My Uncle Paul and Aunt Sue have a cottage there, and have kindly offered to let us stay with them.
I'm so excited I could pee.


Sereknitty said...

Oh, fun for you! Have a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

You had me at "it's warm there". :)

in 2 weeks???

Barbara said...

Happy Anniversary! What an exotic and fun time there is too be had, and Baby Gabe will have a chance to be an only child! Have fun!

Too Little Time said...

Lucky lucky you!!! enjoy!! :) K

TuttleTime said...

Wow, that should be a great time. Look forward to a blog on that. I soooo need a trip to the beach. I am working my magic on Mike. The best we can get is a trip to FL, but it can be rather pretty down there. I will take anywhere warm, sunny, and away from ATL. :) Have a wonderful time!!! Hope Gaby has a good time, too.