Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick Day

I had to cancel all my lessons today and miss out on a fun MOPS meeting (*sniff*) because my baby is sick.

Poor thing; I put him in my sling and he rests his head against my chest and softly moans "ma-ma". He's a total heart breaker.
So, in between doing mountains of vomit encrusted laundry, I'm sure we'll find some entertainment around here, usually in the form of exotic imaginary adventures. Peter has already informed me that he's scaling the Himalayas with his Rescue Heroes, and plans to parachute down using my eye covers.
I'll let you know how that expedition turns out.


Flipfloppingmamma said...

I thought Peter was holding up a bikini! LOL!

All Natural Mama said...

It does look a bit like a teeny bra, LOL.
Poor Gabe.

beadlizard said...

Hope he feels better soon. For the laundry, the last time my daughter had stomach flu I pre-treated everything (heaps of towels) with Bi-O-Kleen's Bac Out and it worked. No stains, no smell.

Good luck! --Syl

TuttleTime said...

Oh My, Rach. I'm so sorry Baby Gaby is sick! How you manage to find time to take photos in the midst of all that amazes me. I guess you have to find fun in all sorts of activities, don't you.

I guess I'm just too tired. :) Hope Gaby feels better soon. Those stomach viruses tend to come and go quickly...I hope that happens for you!

Oh my new favorite laundry (I cannot even believe I have the word "favorite" so close to the word "laundry"...Ha!)...anyway, my favorite stain remover is Zout! It comes in a red spray bottle. With my collection of mess makers, it is zee best for removing ALL sorts of stains.